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Design Your Own Web Site or, Use One of Our 800+ Unique Designs & 15,000+ Templates

Creating your web site is easier than ever with our latest site building tools. Choose from our built-in HTML editor or use your favorite third-party tool.

We've made creating a web site easier than ever:

Get plenty of space to build many web pages and support lots of visitors. Web hosting plans start with 50MB of disk space and 1GB/mo. of data transfer.

  • Easy upgrades: Should you need more capacity, you can upgrade your account easily from your client control panel. The only fee you are charged when you upgrade is for the new hosting account. There are never any "processing" or "accounting" fees.  Sign up now

There are two User-Friendly Control Panels to choose from. You may choose hosting on servers running cPanel (Linux only) or servers running a proprietary VPS control panel (Windows only). DEMO cPanel here
View and purchase from our Unlimited VPS hosting plans

Web Hosting Control Panel

  • Your control panel is your command center to oversee site building, file management, editing, email, and much more.
  • Give web site access to multiple users, such as business partners, so others can contribute to your web site.  Sign up now

Web Hosting Statistics

You have access to easy-to-read statistical reports, you can gain important insight into:

  • How many people have visited your site
  • How many times each web page has been viewed
  • Which search engines and search terms were used to find your site
  • Which sites your visitors came from.  Sign up now

You can also use an existing domain name with your web hosting plan and purchase additional domains.

Scripting and Database Tools

Our Web Hosting services includes PHP, Perl, and MySQL with unlimited databases (on cPanel hosting only) so advanced users can build dynamic and interactive sites.

  • PHP version 5! We offer dozens of PHP functions
  • Perl 5.8.7 with modules
  • MySQL 4.1.12 - with virtually unlimited databases
  • Multiuser FTP for quickly uploading your files
  • Extensive back-end connections to the Internet help your site load faster.  Sign up now


Protect your web site and customer information with safeguards like password-protected access, shared SSL certificates, and more.

  • Password protection allows you to give your customers passwords to access all or part of your site.
  • Shared SSL certificates and encryption help you protect data transmitted between your customers and your web site.
  • Extensive physical security protects the data centers where your web site information is stored.  Sign up now

Matching Email Addresses

Look more credible with personalized email that matches your domain name, like me@mysite.com.

  • SpamAssassin spam software scans and cleans your email.
  • Compatibility with Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and other email clients allow you to send and receive email using your favorite email tool. Or use your personalized web mail interface to access your mail from any computer.
  • With unlimited email addresses, you can give accounts to everyone on your staff, different departments of your business, or all of your closest friends!
  • Messages accommodate 10MB of email attachments, so you can send and receive large files.
  • A catch-all or blackhole mailbox captures misaddressed email.  Sign up now

Third-Party Tools

We support popular third-party design tools like Adobe Dreamweaver®, Adobe GoLive® and Frontpage.

Technical support is not included for Frontpage or any third-party software packages. Please review your software documentation.

Interactive Enhancements

You can spice up your site with Flash, Shockwave, audio, video, slide shows, and more. We also support major scripting and database tools like PHP, Perl, and MySQL.

Web Hosting Blogs

A blog is like an interactive journal and online forum rolled into one. You write and easily post entries to your blog as often as you like. Then your blog visitors can read and reply to your posts, allowing you to exchange ideas and build a sense of community.

Already an advanced blogger?

b2evolution, Nucleus, pMachine Free, and WordPress are free and can be installed on your account with three clicks.
  • Easy installation and custom blog design
  • RSS feed capabilities to alert subscribers to new content
  • Attractive URLs for your permalinks
  • Advanced referrer and comment spam protection  Sign up now

Web Site Enhancements

Spice up your site with enhancements like PayPal buttons, photo galleries, guestbooks, community bulletin boards, or your own content portal.

Basic Enhancements

  • Visitor counters: Get up-to-the-minute tallies of visits to your web page.
  • Guestbooks, Collect customer feedback.
  • PayPal buttons: Accept payments or donations on your web pages.
  • Google Maps and Calendars, news headlines, stock quotes, and much more: Make your site more useful and help encourage repeat visits.  Sign up now